7 popular haircuts that don’t suit anyone (but everyone does)


Choosing a haircut is sometimes more difficult than choosing a life partner. Every woman knows: just dare to do something new – and you regret about it in a minute after leaving the salon. But we will try to prevent you from making a few mistakes related to the choice of hairstyle. Our colleagues from MarieClaire have collected photos of celebrity haircuts that won’t work for anyone.


This haircut was in fashion in 2022, but you have to remember – it makes the face more voluminous. It also has another nuance – it emphasizes the second chin. Many women with such a haircut become similar to… a chupa-chupa.

Short braids with bangs

The combination of the haircut with tight bangs can make the face look rougher and visually rounder. If you want to add bangs to the haircut, it is better to give preference to a filigree and lighter version, so there is a better chance that the haircut will adorn you.


The art-director of the beauty studio Mikhail Gireev said that the bob is still relevant, but there is a nuance: depending on the completeness of the haircut, it can beautify you or vice versa. It is better to avoid variations of a bob with different lengths – for example, one where the hair is shorter at the back and longer at the face.

A fine curl on short hair

The expert warns: a large volume in combination with short hair not many people (and more precisely – almost no one). It creates the feeling that you look too pretentious. Be especially careful if you’re going for a long-term style.

– I advise you to try short-term variations first and, when you’re one hundred percent sure, do a long-term one. It is better to try the “curly method,” thanks to which the hair will curl naturally, and you can return to straight hair at any time,” Mikhail Gireev explains.

Straight short bangs

The expert says that despite its popularity, such a hairstyle looks spectacular only at a fashion show. Even if you have a perfect face oval and correct features, this image can ruin everything. Such bangs make the face heavy and can emphasize flaws. Now it is better to pay attention to lighter bangs or bangs-curtains, which beautifully frame the face.

Caped carêt.

Another short haircut that is irrevocably out of fashion. The karee is difficult both to care for and to perform. Without perfect styling, this haircut will look messy, in addition, it will make the image irrelevant.

Ragged short haircut

Let’s sort it out: jagged bangs – one of the trends, but the jagged short haircut has long gone out of fashion. Moreover, it is not very easy to style.

The fashion returns: the haircut of 2023

Stylists are often tortured by the question what kind of hairstyle is able to decorate any type of appearance. The answer has come from the unexpected – actress Sidney Sweeney published a video of her new hairstyle. The “Euphoria” star decided to refresh her image with a haircut from the past.

Sydney’s hairstyle stylists called Flippy Layered Bob. It is a version of the carriage, combined with a cascade: it has its own feature – the ends of the curls curled outward. Fashion critics insist: the style has a 1990s sitcom atmosphere, and it’s hard to disagree with them.

Hairstyling and styling mistakes.

The hairstyle trend, according to experts, is to make sure that your hair looks as minimal as possible. It should be something very light, careless, without hypertrophied forms. Nowadays the large volume is irrelevant. It is better to choose either a very small volume, or do without it – this rule applies to both loose and gathered hair. Also, you should avoid hairstyles that are clearly laid out hair to hair.

– If it is loose hair, in any case it should not be “pinned” curls – it should be mobile strands, which do not fly around with sticky icicles when the wind blows, but scatter like hair without styling products. Modern styling products allow this, – explained stylist Olga Alexandrova.

Olga emphasizes that now in the images – whether daytime, evening or wedding – there is no emphasis on the hair. It’s just a background that correctly complements your image. The loose hair never goes out of fashion. A beautiful lock of hair is always trendy.

– One more thing – do not be ashamed of your ears in your hair. Many people say, “I have such protruding ears – put my hair on my ears so that everything is covered,” – notes the stylist.

By the way, Olga assures that the concept of “wedding hairstyle” no longer exists, it can be straight hair with a parting, curls, high or casually gathered bundle. Anything that will decorate and properly complement your image.


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