The virtues of turmeric on health

Well dosed and consumed with carefully selected foods, turmeric has a protective role on health. In general, it acts against inflammations but also as a preventive measure against several types of cancer. Its active ingredients are also very effective against oxidative stress, which we know today is one of the factors responsible for cell degeneration. Discover below six of the main virtues that we owe to turmeric.


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 The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric
In general, turmeric acts positively on the joints, especially on their mobility. Because of this, it is very effective from an anti-inflammatory point of view. The consumption of turmeric helps to reduce all joint-type pain such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. It is also beneficial for people who are in the postoperative stage; thanks to turmeric, the pain resulting from their medical intervention can be reduced. Finally, turmeric proves to be very effective in fighting inflammatory diseases affecting the intestine or liver, including hepatitis or obstructions of the bile duct.

 A precious contribution of vitamins
You should know that turmeric is an important reservoir of vitamins, offering a beneficial action on your health in general. It is rich in vitamins including potassium, iron, vitamins B6 and C, and manganese. It allows finding the form when one is in a state of fatigue or overwork. By its composition, it restores tone and helps maintain good health. Considered a superfood, it can be sprinkled on your plate or consumed at a rate of one teaspoon a day, as a compliment.

 Your ally against cholesterol
People with a tendency to develop bad cholesterol can count on the beneficial action of turmeric. Indeed, its active ingredients can maintain a favorable level of good cholesterol. It is also a beneficial supplement for anyone who is following treatment for diabetes.

 A life-saving remedy against digestive disorders
It has been shown that turmeric also has assets to fight against digestive problems. By consuming turmeric every day, inflammations decrease as well as the risk of ulcers. A property that has been recognized by WHO.

 Beneficial for the brain
One of turmeric’s molecules, turmerone, has beneficial effects on brain function when combined with curcumin. Its regenerative action on damaged cells makes it an ally of choice for the treatment of certain neurological diseases.

 Good to know :
It is important to combine the consumption of turmeric with other foods so that it is well assimilated. Similarly, you should learn about the consistency of turmeric consumption if you have predispositions to develop kidney stones. Since turmeric also has the effect of increasing oxalic acid in the urine, it may be contraindicated.


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