keep your long hair tangle free naturally

Long hair is much more likely to get caught together in tangles than short hair.  This is especially true when the hair is wet.  Attempts to pull hair apart or detangle it can stretch or break the hair and cause damage.  However, there are some things you can do to keep your hair tangle free when you are washing it.
Brush your dry hair out before you step into the shower.


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Adding water to already tangled hair only compounds the problem, so brushing it beforehand will save you the hassle afterwards.
You can also try splitting your hair into three section in order to wash it.

This makes it easier to apply shampoo and creates less entanglement.
Rather than sudsing your hair, suds your hands up instead.

Pour a little sham- poo into your hand and then rub your hands together to create a good lather.
Apply the lather from root to ends, gently massaging it into your hair to evenly coat it.
Vigorous rubbing isn’t necessary and will only create more troubles in the tan- gle department.

When your rinsing your hair, let the water run over it until all soap is gone.
Avoid flicking or pulling hands through hair while you are rinsing, because it’s unnecessary and again, causes tangles.
Shampoo is lighter than the water, so just let the water do its job.

If you have really long hair, you can get away with holding a section of hair straight out to direct the water flow, but you should not be flipping your head upside down.  Turning your head to focus the water flow should be sufficient. Applying a leave in conditioner will help keep your hair tangle free and give you some slickness when you comb it out.

Gently blot your hair dry, with no rubbing or wringing, to remove excess water before applying the leave in treatment.
Wet strands of hair tend to cling to each other, so it’s easier to avoid tangles if you let your hair at least partly dry before trying to brush or comb it.
A wide tooth comb is your best choice because its less likely to cause breakage or damage to your hair.  Once your hair is dry, you can then brush through it and style it as you wish, without concern for tangles or breaking strands of hair.


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