34 trendy pixie cuts for women of all ages and hair textures

Trendy and edgy pixies are short haircuts that showcase bold confidence. It is achieved with longer strands in the front and at the top of the head, and shorter strands on the sides and back.

Carrie Gaumg, a hairstylist in Chicago, Illinois, shares some much-needed information about this haircut. “The Pixie is best for fine, medium to coarse hair with a natural wave or pattern. If you have straight curls, a small textured wave will come in handy,” says Gohmge.

Extra volume is a key ingredient for short hair. She advises, “Start with a root booster or volumizer before blow-drying. Continue styling with a good texturizing spray for more volume and a beautiful look. Finish the style with a texturizing paste or pomade to achieve a parting effect.”

These trendy, edgy pixies require frequent visits to the salon. The ideal interval between haircuts is four to six weeks.

The next time you visit the salon, check out these popular trendy haircuts. Share these photos with your hairdresser to get a better understanding of your style. If you need tips and details on how to choose a pixie haircut, read our guide to achieve a trendy and edgy look.


LƯUINSTAGRAM @SHMOAKIN_HAIR#1: Tapered pixies for those over 30

A tapered pixie haircut for women over 30 adds youthfulness and boldness while maintaining a sophisticated look. The pixie for 30 year olds features sleek, shaved sides combined with a garish mohawk and platinum blonde hair color.


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