15 adorable textured bob ideas with bangs


A textured bob with bangs is a term for short hair that is styled evenly, and the ends are trimmed with jagged edges. Such a hairstyle will suit a variety of people – both those who adhere to youth taste, and those who are going to become popular in social networks. It is just perfect for any style you have, as it is an essential part of short hair. Barber Barry Sykes from San Diego, California offers some interesting tips on styling bangs into a bob haircut. To find out, read below for the best tips to help you rock your redhead bob with bangs!

Styling a blonde textured bob with side bangs

If you have wavy hair, my suggestion is to do a media textured blonde bob with bangs. This option is fine if you want a simpler look. You can also play around with your hair if you want a shorter length. In particular, side bangs add volume to the hair, making the overall look softer. Also, over-drying such hair can lead to frizz, so you can use a texturizing or styling enhancing product on damp hair.

Natural browns on short hair with a medium parting

If you want to give your hair a kind of asymmetrical look, a bob haircut is a great idea! You can use it to get heavy layers and still add volume to your hair. I would also suggest not over drying your hair, but using anti-frizz creams to help give your hair a beautiful look.

Mini styled bob with bangs

Are you a thin-haired girl? Don’t worry, because thin hair can be styled in many ways that are comparable to the previous ones. One such way is to style a bob with bangs, which can be cut in a flip shape. A bob with textured bangs would be ideal. Use a styling spray or styling wax for styling. No matter how thick your hair is, from melty to fine or wavy, this is a winning haircut for you.

Try a short shag hairstyle with miniature bangs framing your face

Go for a short shag haircut with mini bangs framing your face for a clean and neat yo-truthful hairstyle. Also, a chunky bob is the best way to style it if it’s hard to manage your natural hair. This haircut is quite easy to maintain and style, giving your hair a nice rounded shape.

Layers with French bob hairstyle

A feathery hairstyle for the delicate girl is a jigsaw of many options. The safest option is a layered bob hairstyle with naturally ruffled hair. This will create natural hair volume and the layers will create movement. The layered fringe will act as a framing feature for the face, and the sides will help make the jaw line less prominent. To give the style a bouncy look, it is best to use a salt spray.

Layered bob with bangs colored in balayage blonde

In any case, if you want to make your face expressive or emphasize your facial features, hair color will help you do it right. Blonde balayage is one of those types of coloring with which you can make your facial features worthy of praise. A layered bob, especially with short hair, can be styled in the style of “Messi”. And if it is complemented with bangs, the hairstyle will acquire a sophisticated look. When both of these color and shade combinations are styled together, they create a temporary yet classic look.

Shaggy bob with micro bangs and big waves

To be on trend, go for a shaggy bob with micro bangs and big waves. To create an iconic look, a redhead bob with bangs is fantastic. For a lush look, thick hair with short lengths can emphasize your curls. While thick hair with bangs will give your face a rosy look. Hairstyles for middle-aged and young adults can appeal to everyone.

Textured red choppy bob with bangs in light copper colors

Textured red choppy bob with chin-length bangs is always on trend. To create this hairstyle, you need to cut your hair short in the back, leaving it a little longer in the front. Long layers will weigh down the hairstyle. Also, ask your hairdresser to leave some of the bangs long to give the bob haircut an elegant look. As for the color, a light copper blonde will make your color look warmer and is great for brightening it up.

Short cropped bangs with a Brυnette wavy bob

If you want to transform your style, a short cropped bob with bangs will emphasize your natural hair. The hair extensions on the front side will make your hair more fluffy and keeping the length will make it look thicker. This type of voluminous and soft bangs gives a trendy look. After styling, it is recommended to use a dry texturizing spray to make the hairstyle look more neat and styled.

Jaw-length wavy bangs for seniors

For women of a certain age, the haircut no longer requires special attention. A short red bob with bangs will look appropriate at the right moment, lifting the face. At other times, the hair will grow back, and a short bob with crown layers will appear more voluminous. To achieve a relief look, a soft facial styling will be a definite win.

Haircut with long bangs on a razor bob

Making a chin-length bob with soft wavy long bangs will give your face tone. Also, this hairstyle will please you if your natural hair is thinner, as it mυlls the volume of your hair. A chopped fringe will help you to adapt to many different looks at the same time. Using a diamond fringe will give your hairstyle the right pattern.

Stocky blonde bob on natural text

Do you have curly or wavy red hair? Choose a long bob haircut, it will emphasize the beauty of your hair. You can keep your hair thick by making long layers. At the same time, the soft look of the hairstyle is given by the fringe. Since the hair is frizzy, the roots will look tougher and the ends will look lighter.

Fringe on a French bob haircut

A French bob with fringe on casual hair emphasizes all the girly sides in a soft and relaxed manner. To create a charming facial piece, ask your hairdresser to trim your bangs to brow length, while removing the side jaw lines. If you have fuzzy facial features, a French bob will look very appropriate. To create a styling effect, I recommend using a diffuser to dry your hair and a volume spray.

Ripped layers and baby bangs on a red bob

A jaw-length bob haircut is a great option if you want to tackle a wide forehead and still have a textured fringe. This is because the razor cut does not damage the hair and the hairstyle fits closely to the head. In addition, thanks to this haircut, the forehead will appear lower. Such a haircut can be styled in both casual and stylish styles.

Shiny twisted bob with textured ends

A hairstyle that consistently tops the list is the red bob with A-line bangs for a chic look. To achieve a lively look, wear your hair short by giving it textured ends created by layering and wavy styling. For a statement look, try a black fringe to contrast with the soft length of your hair.


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