20 ways to wear a shaggy bob with curtain bangs


A shaggy bob with curtain bangs is a short haircut with layers and fringe framing the face. If your hair is naturally mildly wavy or curly, this style can last for days without much effort.

Kell Wlodarchak, a hair stylist in Michigan, was happy to chat with us about this hairstyle. Here are their recommendations if you want to do this hairstyle.

#1: Platinum Free Bob Hairstyle.


For a casual look, check out the platinum messy shaggy bob with curtain bangs. This style is easy to replicate with a pair of scissors. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance yet spectacular hairstyle. To give your hairstyle an extra flair, ask your stylist to add layers of different lengths throughout your hair.

#2: Shaggy long bob with curtain bangs


Just the addition of cornrow bangs can make a huge difference in your look. The client opted for not only bangs but also layered hair for a more lush, feathered style.

#3: Shob hairstyle with curtain bangs


The shob haircut with a cornice fringe is a new popular way to wear a shaggy haircut. This hairstyle will add a lot of volume through the top of the head and near the face, making the hairstyle beautiful and attractive.

#4: Short haircut with bangs for a russet face


If you have a native face, consider a short haircut with bangs. If you’re looking to change up your hairstyle, why not opt for a shaggy style? With the right style and length, a chunky haircut will suit any face shape. In addition, a diamond-shaped face can be emphasized with curtain bangs with a center or off-center parting. This hairstyle will help to elongate the face and emphasize the eyes.

#5: Two-Color Shaggy Bob Cυt


This chunky bob haircut with a curtain fringe and layers is a stylish way to impress with your hair. Consider going for a layered hairstyle as well as a curtain fringe to give your look a fashionable twist. Adding layers to your hairstyle will help create more depth and expression. To complete the style, try doing a seven-cascade fringe to soften the look. With the right products and styling, you can create a look that is as individual and fashionable as you are.

#6: Shaggy shaved layers on a neck-length bob


If you’re considering a bob, try doing a chunky layered bob for a trendy look. This layering is great for thick-haired women who want to reduce the weight of their curls. At the same time, they can still retain volume and lushness. Complement your new bob with a salt spray, such as Rockaway by R+Co, to give your hair a deep red color.

#7: Short bob bixie with blonde highlights


Try a short bixie haircut with blonde highlights if you’re looking for a new style. This layered hairstyle has textured color and beautiful gradation. Have fun with this trendy look!

#8: Short shaggy haircut for thin hair


A short chunky haircut for fine hair is a great hairstyle. Choppy layers are a great way to add volume! One option for styling this hairstyle is to curl a few waves and comb them at the top of your head for volume.

#9: French bob with shaggy strands near the face


Lively styles are obtained when we take into account natural textures. For those with wavy hair, a French bob with shaggy layers will do the trick. And you won’t have to style it as often. Salon care can be 6-12 weeks. It depends on your length and styling preferences.

#10: Bob with feathers and bangs

A bob with layers and bangs might be just what you’ve been missing! This chunky bob with draped bangs loose across the forehead is very trendy. You’ll love how versatile this style is.

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#11: Shaggy styles on thick hair


Shoulder-length hair is no longer just a bob. From mυllettes to wolf fringe, careless shaggy layers give the hairstyle a disheveled look. This is a great option for thick hair. Textured hair can be achieved without removing too many curls.

#12: Shaggy bob with short bangs


Go for a chunky bob with bangs if your hair has a little texture and you want to give it extra volume. Consult with your stylist on what length bangs will best suit your face shape. For example, a pink face will appear longer with short bangs.

#13: Medium bob for thin hair


Consider trying a bob haircut with a medium parting. In my experience, thin hair can be an advantage. With thin hair styled, it’s easy to let the ends show through. That said, you’ll have less fiddling to do with the bob. Add a long fringe to your chin-length shaggy bob. It will accentuate the uneven shape.

#14: Soft shaggy mussed bob with bangs


A soft shaggy bob with bangs is the perfect haircut for ladies with naturally thick hair. If you have an oval or heart-shaped face, this hairstyle is for you. Ask your hairdresser what length bangs are best for your bob. When styling, apply BB brilliantine diamante amorant to damp or dry hair. Then go over the ends to give them a twist.

#15: Textured hairstyle with loose strands


Ask your stylist to recommend a bob style if you’re looking for a soft, wavy hairstyle. To create uneven layers, your stylist can use a razor. This will create the style of hairstyle you are looking for. Also, ask your stylist to choose a length that matches the shape of your face. Anything above the chin will show a strong jaw line. However, cornice bangs look best on short hair.

#16: Short haircut with a transom for a square face shape


Curtain bangs are the new fashion! Combine it with a short shaggy bob and you have a trendy and bold look. The shaggy layers in this hairstyle will instantly add volume to the top of your head. Perfect if you need that extra lift. Finish with a dry texturizing spray to emphasize the texture of this hairstyle.

#17: A shaggy bob with short strands.


The edgy bob with short layers is back on the scene. Try styling the bob in a modern υni𝓈ℯ𝓍 style. This haircut creates volume. Use a spray wax to create separation to accessorize your new look.

#18: Short shaggy wolf haircut with bangs in the middle


A short wolf haircut with bangs in the middle is a great solution if you have an elongated face shape. This red copper color works best with hazel or green eyes. Try doing a short shaggy bob with curtain bangs and fill in all the elongated areas. The soft layering near the face softens the jaw line. The haircut will be done every four to six weeks.

#19: Fringe on a dark layered bob


A dark layered bob with curtain fringe has a beautiful shape. If you love sloppy and sophisticated hairstyles, a bob hairstyle with broken layers is perfect for you. The bob will give your hair texture and space. It also gives your hairstyle volume. You’ll want to style this gorgeous shape with a flatter hairstyle with a parting paste.

#20: Shaggy wavy bob with long bangs


Try a wavy bob with long curtain bangs for the best transformation. Especially if you currently have a long hairstyle. Curl fluffy bangs over your long bob to create softness and flow. I often do a slider style in the salon to achieve the softness effect. Once your hair is dry, shake out the layers with a Redken windblown.


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