26 asymmetrical pixie haircut ideas that catch the eye


#1: Straight asymmetrical pixie cut

A straight asymmetrical pixie haircut is a haircut that is shorter on the sides and longer on top. Symmetrical pixies are best for girls with a heart-shaped face. For this hairstyle, ask your stylist to create a pixie cut with fringe on both sides, long and short.

#2: Wavy asymmetrical pixie haircut

A wavy and symmetrical pixie hairstyle can be created using a styling wand. If you have naturally curly hair, let it dry naturally using a styling product. To create this easy-to-maintain hairstyle, ask your stylist to style your hair on the sides and then in the opposite direction. The long front part is what you need to keep, so this haircut is perfect for those who are always on trend and want to add a twist to their hairstyle. Don’t forget that symmetrical pixies require trimming every 4 weeks to maintain the shape.

#3: Asymmetrical pixie haircut for girls over 30 years old

The asymmetrical pixie for women over 30 is the perfect hairstyle that should be in your stylist’s collection. The pixie hairstyle is short and asymmetrical. On one side, the haircut is styled tightly near the ear, and on the other side, it is graduated from the jaw line. It emphasizes the cheekbones and creates an attractive shape.

4- Asymmetrical pixie with blonde balayage

The asymmetrical pixie with blonde balayage emphasizes the texture of the hair, adding depth to it. The short pixie has an asymmetrical cut that emphasizes the most attractive facial features and adds an appealing glow. It requires virtually no styling, which allows you to create an elegant, natural look.

#5: Blonde asymmetrical pixie cut for short hair

Blonde asymmetrical pixie suitable for short hair has a bottom part and a top part that merges. The asymmetrical pixie is best suited for girls with thick wavy or straight hair. This style requires your stylist to give you a hairstyle that includes both the bottom part and the top part.

#6: Asymmetrical pixies for older women with thin hair

Asymmetrical pixies for women of age and with thin hair is an original hairstyle that gives a youthful glow. Due to the short haircut, the hair seems thicker. This is an ideal option for those who are going to grow natural gray hair. You can try to make a side parting, which can be draped on the forehead. It softens the lines that are too sharp. The asymmetrical pixie haircut is suitable for all faces and can instantly transform the hairstyle.

#7: Asymmetrical pixie bob haircut

If you want your hairstyle to look interesting and fresh, choose an asymmetrical pixie haircut. The bob can be symmetrical on one side if you add a fringe. In this case, the short side should be much shorter than the opposite side to create an asymmetrical short pixie haircut. Asymmetry is the perfect visual balance. Any hair type will benefit from this trendy haircut.

#8: Asymmetrical long pixie with asymmetrical bangs

Asymmetrical pixie haircut with bangs is a haircut that can be customized to your needs. If you want to make an asymmetrical short pixie haircut, the main focus is on the front part. You can choose the length that is most suitable for you. Be sure to wear such a hairstyle on the side so that it frames the face, emphasizing its unusual style.

#9: Asymmetrical pixie for women over 40 years old

The asymmetrical pixie cut for women over 40 is a hairstyle that will give you an attractive and elegant look. Ask your stylist to style all the layers to create a flowing hairstyle while maintaining length on the sides. The shorter side and nape of the neck can be trimmed with a light edge to create a striking look. To make the back of the head more dramatic, try to keep the color of the back of the head lighter than the color of the rest of the head.

#10 Asymmetrical pixie with fringe

For a quick change of hairstyle, you should try an asymmetrical pixie with fringe! The elongated side facing the cheekbone area emphasizes the rosy features of the face. The asymmetrical short pixie haircut can be styled quickly with a texturizing gel. To add volume, you can leave the hairstyle to air-dry or style it with a blow dryer.

#11: Asymmetrical pixie for women over 50

Asymmetrical pixie for women over 50 is the perfect option for fine hair. The layered haircut, elongated on one side, gives the hairstyle a youthful look. The nape of the neck should be short to emphasize the sharp symmetry in the haircut. It is best if the hair is styled with a curling iron. This will help reduce the appearance of loose curls. Quickly blow dry your hair with a texturizing gel and slide it to the side, using your fingers to create a twisted look.

#12: Asymmetrical pixie with bangs

An asymmetrical pixie with bangs can be a very bold hairstyle! The symmetry in the hairstyle makes it stunning. You can trim the bangs on one side to create an expressive look. Note that this hairstyle is not suitable for those with a large face shape, but it can be a good choice for those with a rounder face shape. Short pixies with a symmetrical haircut are easy to style, but need to be trimmed every 3-4 weeks to look their best.

#13: Pυrple Asymmetrical Pixie

An asymmetrical pixie can be interesting, trendy and versatile. An asymmetrical short pixie can be styled in many different ways. You can blow-dry it to make it smooth, or even style it with pomade to make it look more bouffant. Hairspray, styling product and texturizing powder are your main helpers when creating an asymmetrical pixie.

#14: A gray asymmetrical pixie for those over 60

A gray asymmetrical pixie suitable for women over 60 is a nice option to freshen up any outfit. Make yourself look 10 years younger with a short haircut that emphasizes your best side, while the opposite side has plenty of curls and lift to create a sleek volume. All you need to create this hairstyle is a root elevator and a curling iron.

#15: Long Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle

You can order a long asymmetrical haircut during your next salon appointment. One side of your hair is shorter than the other. Discuss with your stylist which one best suits your face shape, features and hair style.

#16: Cυrly Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle

Enjoy an asymmetrical pixie hairstyle and give yourself a quick and easy way to style your hair! On one side, the hair is shortened and styled tightly over the head to emphasize the cheekbone length on the opposite side. Symmetrical pixie hairstyles can be used for all hair types.

#17: Asymmetrical pixie for dark short hair

A temporary asymmetrical ponytail for short dark haircuts that embodies the spirit of creativity. Its smooth ends are twisted into a point, which creates the illusion of softness and tenderness. In addition, it refines all the sharp lines. The pixie haircut has a symmetrical shape and frames the cheekbones and eyes, emphasizing the facial features we like best!

#18 Asymmetrical pixie haircut with extensions

To create the perfect look, you can get an asymmetrical pixie haircut with a bob style. When you request an asymmetrical pixie haircut with extensions, be sure to specify what length you want the haircut to be. This can be any length, from a taut bob to add drama to an extended length to soften the edges.

#19: Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Let your personality shine by making a sloppy and asymmetrical pixie. It is very trendy nowadays to have hairstyles that are 𝓈ℯ𝓍y. Be yourself and feel how easy it is to feel 𝓈ℯ𝓍υ attractive by having an asymmetrical hairstyle.


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