32 Trendy bob haircuts worth trying in 2023


The short bob is the best way for men to showcase their strong personality. It is considered one of the most classic and popular hairstyles in the world. If you want to change your look this season, a basic bob haircut will be a great choice. You can style it in straight, slanted or wavy hairstyle depending on your taste. Besides, the magical ombré color will give an extra charm to the whole look. Keep an eye on these trendy bob hairstyles for more inspiration!

Stylish colorful short bob haircut

The easiest way to diversify your hairstyle is to try doing it with a different hair color. You can choose any bright color that you like.

Straight bob hairstyle for long hair

A great idea is to decorate a short bob haircut with eye-catching red highlights. They can be placed in the front to give the face a more regular shape.

Straight bob haircut

The styled bob haircut is perfect for women of all age groups. The gradient length at the back allows for a beautifully exposed neckline.

Stacked bob for office hairstyles

A short bob haircut is a great choice for everyday hairstyles. It will look beautiful and casual with natural textures throughout the length.

Short bob hairstyle for curly hair

Short bob haircut for brown hair will be able to emphasize a very feminine and beautiful hairstyle. It also has a voluminous shape, which allows you to create extra width in your hairstyle.

Short bob haircut with bangs

Side bangs can help create an attractive look for a long face shape. It can also emphasize the very feminine look of a short bob haircut.

Short bob haircut for everyday hairstyles

A bob haircut on blonde hair works wonders. With layers, you can create the perfect hairstyle.

Short bob haircut back view

The bob hairstyle has a wide range of shapes and is suitable for all styles. On sleek straight hair, it creates a clean and neat look.

Shaggy Long Bob

Very romantic looking hairstyle with loose beach waves. The lightened hair color can also lighten the skin tone in this case.

Shaggy bob

A deep side parting will create a modern and relevant hairstyle for any short haircut, which can be greatly enhanced by flared ends.

Beautiful short bob haircut back view

The short bob haircut is a great choice for beautiful girls. It is suitable for all types of hair.

Short bob haircut for thick hair

The styling of short layered bob haircuts on thick hair is spectacular. They will create a modern and relevant image for young teenage girls.

Bob haircut with a medium bend

The “bob” haircut with a blonde style will look extraordinarily spectacular with trimmed ends. The front layers are styled near the face in a gorgeous way.

Bob haircut for straight hair

The basic bob haircut looks great on straight hair. And short hair can be styled so that the length from chin to neck looks attractive.

Wavy bob hairstyle

The layered bob haircut can be styled in a slouchy shape to suit any face shape. It can be styled with soft beach waves to create a casual and romantic look.

Long Wavy Bob

Choppy layers are the best way to create a trendy and easy look for medium length hair. You can give them a sloppy shape with the help of your fingers.

Bob haircut with long layers

This is a very effective way to style shorter length hair into a “bob” hairstyle. It works well for both straight and wavy hair.

Bob hairstyle for straight hair

The bob hairstyle with long hair looks amazing on blonde hair. It is very easy to style in the morning and suits all face shapes.

Layered bob hairstyle for blonde hair


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