7 Ways to Get rid of Unpleasant Scalp and Hair Smell – TEST!


Unpleasant scalp and hair odor is a problem for many of us. In order for your scalp and hair to have a pleasant smell that you want to smell, you should first perform a basic scalp and hair care.

Hair should be washed regularly, and a hair mask or moisturizing conditioner would be helpful from time to time.

Unfortunately, every minute of our lives our hair is exposed to toxins from the environment that permeate our poor strands, as well as cigarette smoke, sweat and probably hundreds of other smells causing our hair and scalp to stink…

Hair absorbs dust from the environment and chemicals invisible to the naked eye. Factors that cause unpleasant hair and scalp odor – there are many …

Unpleasant scalp and hair odors are a real pain and discomfort.

Unfortunately, there are also chemicals that make your hair smell nice, but destroy its structure! As an option, you can make a cleansing scrub for the scalp , the skin will be cleaned of dead skin, which will also make it fresh!

Here are 7 ways to smell beautiful hair and scalp!

As usual, natural products come to the rescue, thanks to which you not only nourish your strands, but also give your scalp and hair a beautiful and fresh scent.

Rose water

Rose water in contact with the scalp and hair regulates the proper pH level of the scalp, prevents excessive sebum production, and moisturizes the hair at the roots.

Rose water is high in vitamins B and E, which has made it so many followers who want to have fresh and soft hair.

Washing your hair in rose water is the key to nice looking hair and a pleasant and gentle scent all day long!

Jasmine oil for hair

Jasmine oil has a unique fragrance, combining it with medicinal properties, we get the perfect cosmetic for hair!

The properties of jasmine oil slow hair loss. and the appearance of dandruff on the scalp.

Mandarin oil for fragrant hair!

Mandarin oil has a subtle lemon aroma, in addition, it is a very persistent scent and can remain on the hair all day, which is its great advantage!

Using tangerine oil on your hair is recommended especially for women who have chronic problems with sweaty scalp and excessive surface oil production.

Mandarin oil contains vitamins E and B12, which are essential for hair.

It is also worth emphasizing that this oil contains antioxidants, which are the first line of defense against premature graying due to the negative effects of free radicals !

Lavender tea prevents hair loss and bad scalp odor.

Lavender is an herb with relaxing and soothing properties. Lavender has a wonderful fragrance and cleansing effect. and it is hard to find someone who would not love the scent!

Lavender is also used for excessive hair loss .

Lavender is great for giving your hair a nice fragrance, not only does lavender soaked hair smell nice, but it also takes on an interesting shine!

Lavender can also be seen as a natural conditioner that eliminates tangles, so detangling your hair will be quick and smooth!

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