7 Things You Must Stop Doing – Right Now!

These next tips are a few things you must quit doing if you want to slow the ageing process. Not only will these habits resist any effort you make to slow ageing…the will speed up the ageing process!

7 Things You Must Stop Doing - Right Now!

By Brendan Uomoto /


1. Stop smoking – This is destroying your skin as well as every other organ in your body; especially your lungs. Do what you have to do to quit. Talk to your doctor about nicotine patches. Join a support group or try hypnosis. Take the money you’ve been spending on cigarettes and put it in a jar for a special vacation.

2. Avoid too much sun exposure – Everyone needs some sunlight. I’m not suggesting you lock yourself in your house with the shades drawn. But you need to avoid long periods of exposure to the sunlight. If you’re going to the beach you need to take plenty of sunscreens, a hat, and a wrap or cover. Whoever decided that
“laying out” would make you look healthy was out of their mind.

3. Stay out of tanning booths – Don’t even think about it. These things are horrendous for your skin.

4. Eliminate excessive drinking – I’m not talking about a glass of wine or two with dinner. But drinking lots of beer is going to pack on unsightly and unhealthy pounds to your waistline.

5. Stop eating processed food and high glycemic foods – Avoid processed food as much as possible. They have little nutritional value and they’re pumped full of chemicals and preservatives. Throw all the trans-fats out of your house. Whenever possible eat organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed beef, and free-range hormone-free chicken.

Carbohydrates got a bad rap for a while. This is only partly true. You need carbs for energy. But you don’t need carbs such as processed flour, white bread, sugar, and white rice. They spike your glucose levels quickly and can cause many health problems. You’ll have trouble keeping your weight in a healthy range if you eat a lot of these types of foods.

6. Quit starting trendy diets or taking diet pills – Every day an amazing new diet is announced, a big article is published about it, and a new infomercial airs touting how wonderful it is. You can lose weight by eating nothing but grapefruit or taking pills that destroy fat. This is one of the biggest causes of yo-yo dieting in our society. People jump on these diet fads, lose a few pounds, and then gain it all back.

Why do they gain it back? Because they didn’t change their eating habits or their exercise regime. They made a short term change and then went right back to their old habits. Forget about trendy diets and concentrate on living a healthy lifestyle.

7. Dump negative people – It’s hard to think positive and reduce your stress levels when you’re constantly exposed to people who talk down to you, trash talk everyone they know, and see the worst in every situation. If you can’t completely eliminate them out of your life then at least reduce the amount of time you spend with them. Try to turn the conversation to positive note as much as you can.
When they insist on being negative then end your visit with them as quickly as possible.


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