Here’s why you shouldn’t use your car’s air conditioner

Even if your vehicle is very hot in the summer, here is why you should reconsider the appropriateness of turning on your car’s air conditioner.

car's air conditioner

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Car air conditioner: why do without it

There is nothing worse than a hot car in wet weather. As summer is in full swing and temperatures rise, you use the car’s air conditioner more and more. But if you’re trying to save fuel and money, you’ll think twice before you turn on the air conditioner.

Does the car air conditioner use more gasoline?

There has been a lot of debate about the most fuel-efficient method of cooling the vehicle: air conditioning or driving with the windows down? In their own way, both methods cause more fuel to burn. The question is which one burns the most?

Leaving the windows open generates an increase in drag while driving. While operating, the air conditioning burns fuel. Eager to conclusively prove which option had the greatest impact on overall liters per kilometer (l / km), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and General Motors conducted a study comparing the fuel efficiency of driving with the car air conditioner on as fuel-efficient as driving with the windows down.

Driving with the windows down

After comparing cars that were driven at 50km / h, 80km / h, and 110km / h at an outside temperature of 30 ° C, they came to the conclusion that driving with the windows down is more fuel-efficient than running the car. air conditioner. The test also measured the fuel efficiency of the windows closed and the absence of air conditioning, which saved more fuel than the other two ways.

Extreme temperatures

So if you need to cool off on a particularly hot summer walk, consider rolling the windows down. Although some experts say air conditioning is the wiser option when it comes to fuel economy, numerous tests have shown otherwise. However, the difference is not so obvious when the weather conditions are not extremely hot.


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