“How do I cut my hair if my face is wide and I don’t have much hair?” – reader’s question

By the phrase “little hair” I will mean little to no hair. For example, if you imagine “little hair” on a short haircut, then the scalp may be translucent
Unfortunately, I could not find suitable full female faces in tandem with sparse hair, so the article offers suitable options haircuts, which will be combined with a voluminous face.


Various variations of Pixie, but with dense elongated hair in the beanie area. Light layering is acceptable, but taking into account the individual density in the problem area. It is possible to accentuate the transition between the lengths. The upper hair should not be too short.

It is also important to consider the line of the occipital tubercle, so that the head in profile looked harmoniously, the upper strands of hair in a dry form should reach to this line, not higher.

Such haircuts will add volume to the upper part of the head, which is often needed by the owners of the full face. Unfortunately, this option is not suitable for owners of a square face.

All shapes of a full face will suit the variants of the asymmetrical bob. Such forms will visually make it proportional, level out the heavy lower part of the face (in the case of square types), and the hair will not seem sparse.

If you need to thicken thinning hair, make it thicker, stiffer, and more manageable, you can use dry hairspray, such as from Concept.

An excellent budget (525 rubles – on Yandex Market, link above) professional, and most importantly effective product that can be used on both wet and dry hair.

Leaves the possibility of combing through the hair without ruining the style. Does not stick, keeps the hair clean and movable for a long time.


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