how to kill ants naturally in the kitchen

Is your house infested with ant nests?

Obviously, you need to get rid of them before they start making their way into your wooden furniture.
Before you start hunting your enemies down you need to make sure that your house is as clean as it can be.
The main reason you see ants is because they are something in your kitchen that is actually attracting the ants, quite similar to magnet attracting metal.


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You also need to make sure that you don’t leave unwashed dishes in the sink and properly airtight all food boxes. Clean all those places in your home which you previously haven’t even touched. Ants may live in unexpected places. Once you are sure that you have dirt freed your home you can now start the remedies to get rid of ants

You probably would have some products already at your home which can keep ants away. Ants hate peppermint oil, if you have this in your home, spray some of it mixed with water on ants.
But be careful it might give you sneezing fits. Along with peppermint oil, ants hate vinegar and black pepper.
If you spot an ant spray it on them and hopefully next time they won’t appear. Your kitchen might have so many other objects that will help you get rid of ants.
For instance, coffee grounds, many herbs, and spices, talcum powder.

You now know how to keep ants away but how about actually stopping them from appearing in your home? Ants enter the place through creaks, cracks, doors, windows etc. You would want to cover them properly so that they don’t enter your house again. Also, this will help reduce the extra cost of heaters during winter. Cracks can efficiently be covered by caulk, so seal the place as soon as you can. If you could not find caulk you can use chalk. Draw the chalk line around your doorways and windowsills, it will keep ants at bay.

Ants live in colonies, with Queen Ants, who are the main reason for such a huge population of ants you see. Once you find ants nest, boil water as soon as possible and pour it on the nest. This will flood the nest and will kill the Queen Ant.

If unfortunately none of the above-mentioned tactics seem to help you control the ants you need to call the pest control or ant exterminator.

They are professional and know many ways to kill ants.


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