Natural Aloe Vera leave in & Detangler Mix

This recipe duals as a detangler and a leave-in.
Before you condition or shampoo your hair, this detangler recipe is applied.


By natthawut ngoensanthia /



3 tbsps Aloe Vera juice
1 tbsp Grapeseed oil or any of your favorite essential oil


1. Combine aloe vera juice and grapeseed oil together in a bowl.
2. Stir well until well combined.
3. Transfer into a spray bottle.
4. Shake bottle vigorously to combine mixture well.
5. Spray your hair with a rich portion of this detangler mix, until your hair is drenched.

NOTE: Breaking your hair into different sections may be of great help.

6. Rub in detangler mix with your hands into your hair, and smoothing your hair to make certain that each hair strand is richly coated.
7. Use comb or your fingers to detangle each parted hair sections.
8. Wash hair, pat dry and style as you would regularly


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