four ways to cook soy

Soy is no longer reserved for vegetarian stakhanovists or organic fans. If you have not yet succumbed to the trend, here are four ways to taste and cook soy.

– Soy milk
It is easily found in supermarkets, with organic rays, or in specialized stores. This is an ideal product to put your foot in the stirrup; the soy foods that are the easiest to apprehend are dessert creams (these are also the most popular soy products). What to make a lot of treats .. Replace cow’s milk (especially if you are allergic to lactose) to prepare your yogurt home. Another idea: use soy milk in pancakes and cakes. Be aware however that soy cream does not melt in whipped cream. You will not be able to succeed the ganaches mounted for the entremets, nor prepare a cut chantilly-strawberry with the sauce “soy”.


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If you’re going into this step, you’re starting a career as an experienced soy user. Miso is obtained from the fermentation of soybeans. Japanese cuisine uses and abuses it. It is a “super-food” to add at the very end of cooking to enjoy its virtues. Concretely, it is a paste with a very salty taste, which can be used as a base for a salad.

 The tempeh
Crushed and fermented, soybeans can also be transformed into tempeh, a kind of “soy cheese”. The consistency is firmer than that of tofu, with a more pronounced taste. This pancake-shaped dough is used pan-fried in sesame oil or marinated in coconut milk. Unlike tofu that can be used as an ingredient in a cake, tempeh can comprise a plate made with starchy foods or vegetables. Some connoisseurs also use it to replace meat in jokes.

The next step is to use tofu. These sweet little dices, which Japanese food worshipers know in miso soup, are cooked in a thousand ways. They obviously embellish a salad. Do not be afraid to experiment with associations, in a hodgepodge of flavors of the sea and citrus for example. You can also use it in addition to your meal, alongside rice and grilled fish. Otherwise, try the experiment by crushing it to incorporate it in the preparation of a cake.


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