ways to make your house smell good naturally

Now we have covered the basic DIY ideas regarding home smell refreshers, and bedroom’s cleaning and organization now we come towards the kitchen cleaning tips and tricks.

You know kitchen is I think the worthiest and the most touchy place especially for mothers and thus for wives.
They cook there, they keep foods and fluids there and thus whole family’s health depends over kitchen’s cleanliness.
Then it’s clear that why the cleanliness and organization of kitchen is mandatory,
Use DIY effective tricks for kitchen cleanliness with smell fresh and keep your family’s health intact Kitchen is the place where most of the microbes make their homes. You can see many times algae starts scattering under the sink and in the kitchen’s lane.
Such spread can really become viral and be spread out in the foods and thus can cause parasitic infections to the family member. So, you can best keep the kitchen clean with fresh smell in order to avoid such hazards.

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Make the sink pipe sealed and under the ground:

The very 1st DIY trick that you can use is to correct the sanitation system of your kitchen. You can do so by correcting the placement of your sink’s pipe. What you have to do is to attach the sink’s pipe well and then make the piping system under the ground. It will neither gather the moisture nor will it make the algae under the sink.

Clear the cabinets and put the extra stuffs in trash:

You know when you keep the food stuffs for longer period of time then it starts capturing bacteria and thus starts forming algae within them. Better is to clean the cabinets on weekly basis. You can done it with really ease. You don’t need any cleaning stuffs. You just need a broom and a hewer and put the extra trash out of the cabinets. Remove all the dust and mock and especially the oily fragments.

Keeps the tile neat by using Finial:

For keeping the tiles clean you can use the finial and the viper. Do wipe up the mock on daily basis so that it doesn’t get trapped within the tile’s lining.

Take little tins and make them chili’s box:

For keeping the chilies useable for longer period of time and in a clean way you can use various little tins. You ought to take the tins and to add various chilies within them in order to keep them safe.

Make a small dustbin by your own:

You can also make a good dustbin by your own for your kitchen. What you need is only a 5 Kg oil tin, a wrapping sheet and tape. What you have to do is to remove the cover of the tin. Then wrap up the whole tin with an enchanting sheet and then put it in the corner of the room to use it as a dustbin.

Make a fruit and vegetable corner:

Don’t put the vegetables and fruits within the cabinet. If you will do so then they will start giving smell within day or two. Better is to either keep them is refrigerator or to keep a long 3 stepped iron basket at corner of the kitchen.

Make kitchen air refresher by your own:

The most important factor is of smell in the kitchen. Don’t ignore it, it will ruin the whole strives of your cleanliness. You can make the kitchen refreshers with the help of a lemon. Do take a lemon, cut it from the half add up little salt within it wrap it in a tissue paper and let it at various corners of the kitchen. Another fragrant spray you can make for your kitchen is of essential oil. Just add up the essential oil in water tin and keep them in your kitchen.


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