Interesting haircuts for short bob and pixie for 2023


#1:Pixie haircut with micro bangs

If you want to create a sleek yet austere spring hairstyle, try doing a pixie with micro bangs. It’s a bold look that is sure to make a splash.

#2:Long haircut with bangs for women over 40 years old

If you are a woman over 40 with long hair, try a style with bangs. It’s a trendy 80’s style look that will make you feel nostalgic for those distant times.

#3:Straight copper fringe haircut

If you have naturally straight hair, and this spring you need something new, try doing a copper curl with a fringe. The copper color will add brightness to the image, and the fringe will make it more voluminous and beautiful.

#4: Medium bob

For those who work in the corporate world and are looking for a new style, try a bob hairstyle with a middle parting. This hairstyle looks elegant, professional and low maintenance. Perfect for early mornings and long days at the office during the spring season.

#5:Brown-blonde hair coloring

Brown-blonde (or blonde) balayage ombré is a modern, low-maintenance look for spring. The shadow root makes it easy to grow your hair out while maintaining the vibrancy of the blonde.

#6:Pink champagne for long dark hair

If you have long dark hair, try adding champagne pink highlights. Pink shades will go with any brunette tone and will add personality to your style this spring season.

#7:Ice Blonde Pixie.

If you want to keep your look fresh and effortless this spring, try pairing a medium length haircut with an icy blonde color. To maintain the cool blonde shade, use The Perfect Blonde Treatment by Pravana.

#8:Bυtterfly curls for black women

If you are a black girl looking to change your hairstyle, try the Bυtterfly Locs hairstyle. It is an easy and sophisticated hairstyle that is perfect for any occasion this spring season.

#9:Tapered pixie with bangs for women over 60 years old

If you, a woman over 60, are looking for a suitable hairstyle for this spring season, try a pixie with tapered bangs. With bangs, you can hide the wrinkles on your forehead and draw more attention to your eyes.

#10:Layered haircut with a cool brown hue

The layered “shaggy head” haircut combined with a cool brown hair color is a fashion trend for this spring. It creates a casual yet relaxed look that suits any face shape.

#11:Pixie with angled highlights

If you want to keep cool in the run-up to spring, try doing a pixie with an angled underline. This spring hairstyle is especially good for those with thick hair who want to emphasize the shape of the cut and take it away from the base of the neck.

#12:Bright pink forehead with black dye

A bright pink lob with black dye is a bright yet vibrant look that is perfect for spring. It’s an unusual twist on the trendy colors that are so common with the onset of colder weather.

#13:Wavy red hair with black bangs

If you love bright colors but want to keep a professional look, try doing wavy red hair with black bangs. To keep the color from fading, use Celeb Lυxυry’s Intense Color Depositing Shampoo Shamroo.

#14:Two-color hairstyle with beach waves

If you want to change your hair color this spring, try doing a two-tone hairstyle with beach waves. This is the perfect way to keep your natural hair color and at the same time add pastel shades to the spring season.

#15:Short bob haircut with pastel iridescent waves

For a trendy and flirty look this spring, try a short bob with pastel rainbow strands. Trendy colors never cease to amaze, and this is a great way to express yourself.


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