“Why is it so hard to grow bangs? The rest of my hair grows back,” a question from a reader

I agree, bangs are harder to grow out than the rest of the hair. There are not many reasons, only 3, but because of them we can’t stand it and run back to the master for bangs correction👈🏻 and here is the first reason
1) Bangs correction. I don’t have enough patience, the uncomfortable length makes my hair get in my eyes. And it can fall into your eyes or lose its shape after 2 weeks (depending on the type of bangs).

For example, if the bangs are flat, arch and so on. If you visit the master every 2-3 weeks, then the bangs will never grow back. It is easier to learn how to style it or fix it beautifully with accessories.


2) Strongly filleted (thinned) bangs. The hair has different lengths. These bangs grow as standard as the rest of your hair, but the variety of lengths among the hairs gives the impression that the bangs are not growing and look pinched.

Those who dye their hair regularly can see that it grows normally. You can see how much the hair has grown back by how much it has grown. You can compare it to the ingrown area on the rest of the hair.

3) Damaged hair. In the area near the face, the hair is the thinnest and most vulnerable. At the nape and root area, the strongest hair. Because of frequent styling, lack of proper care, the habit of rubbing strands at the face and so on, we weaken the hair even more.

In the weaker parts, the hair strands can break. In this case, the feeling that the hair is not growing again will arise. Aggressive chemical treatments have a similar effect.


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