Trendy layered bob haircuts that you can’t miss out on



Is there any girl or woman who has never tried a bob haircut? Bob hairstyles with various length and styling options have long been a universal favorite. Although not less beautiful than the bob with layers, bob hairstyles with layers can work wonders, making thin hair more voluminous and, on the contrary, emphasizing thick hair.

Layered bob hairstyles in their modern form

Betting on low-maintenance and on-trend looks, more and more celebrities and bloggers are showcasing stylish bob haircuts with graduations, highlights and natural finishes.

Leading the way among the most stylish bob variations are chin shaved haircuts and cropped haircuts. They showcase cool ripped or fringed edges, asymmetry and gorgeous textures. “Demi bobs” with more length options can be worn loose or with chic styles. The most fashionable long bobs today are often embellished with breathtaking highlights or ombré.

Textured bobs look fantastic on fine to medium thick hair. Thick straight or straight hair styled in a bob hairstyle runs the risk of taking on a triangular shape, which doesn’t look very attractive. From the dreaded triangle is saved by thick straight hair and tight styling. A good option that all fashionistas like is a graduated or styled bob with shorter layers at the back of the head and longer curls in the front.

Layered bob haircuts

Layered bobs give you the freedom to choose your styling solutions: a sleek curling iron, a slightly slanted haircut, a voluminous hairstyle – it’s all at your disposal this season. Well, it’s time to get to the pictures!

Check out the gallery of chic layered bob haircuts with every modern twist imaginable and choose the right hairstyle for this season.

1. Stacked bob with long bangs



2. Modern blonde bob



To create a layered bob with an urban flair, try a deep side parting and long bangs that blend with the rest of the haircut. There are many options for styling layers and highlighting them. You can use sea salt spray or products designed for short hair. Experiment to see what suits you personally.

3. Light bob with long feathers



A mediocre layered bob with a side parting looks amazing with long layers of feathers. The chin-length bangs can be left loose or combed behind the ears for a more elegant and eye-catching look.

4. Bob with fine teeth



A colorful bob with a shallow cut creates a smart and sophisticated look with added depth. Special attention to detail takes the strain off thick and heavy hair, while highlights and curl styling create a light and kissable feel.

5. Sophisticated bob with layered styling



A layered bob with blunted edges becomes more intense when paired with a dark or bright hue. Layered hairstyles add shape and texture to curls, allowing the color to shine through. Wear your hair straight for a neat look.

6. Blonde with styling and highlights



Platinum highlights on a base of dirty blonde create a dimensional look without any treatment or styling. Light styling accentuates the haircut and emphasizes its beauty, allowing you to create an effortlessly elegant look.

7. Easy to style bob



Here’s a look that will have you playing with your hair all day and tossing it back and forth. To get a haircut with skillful layers, you need to go to the best stylist you can find. Prepare yourself to get your favorite haircut: study the layered haircuts that stylists showcase on Instagram or Facebook, learn how to explain what you want, and pay close attention to styling tips.

8. Blonde bob with thin layers Throυghoυt.



Multilayered bob haircuts can be many different styles: not only single-length, but also angled and inverted. The A-line bob has an interesting, modern silhouette and looks amazing. Especially when combined with curl styling and partial balayage.

9. Inverted blonde bob with overhanging strands



If you want a sophisticated hairstyle that isn’t hard to maintain, try going for a layered bob haircut. This hairstyle works well for girls with a diamond-shaped face, as the long layers to the chin give a slimmer look. We also love the color of this haircut: brown tones give an unexpected glow of blonde on every part of the head.

10. Light blonde bob with ripped ends



Topknot extensions can do wonders for fine hair that would otherwise lay flat. Add personality by leaving the ends slightly ripped, and make sure the shape of the top of the head is slightly inverted to give your hair an unusual silhouette.

11. Ashy-bronze bob with loose strands



Usually, the longer the hair, the heavier it looks, but with the right layers and coloring, a long layered bob can look light as a feather. If you want an airy hairstyle that breathes freshness, go for a style with branched layers and partial balayage in cool colors.

12. Chestnut bob with highlights



For an austere, voluminous hairstyle, choose layers that reveal highlights and bumps. The lighter colors make these layers look more like swirls. Alternate the bottom, top, and middle layers in different directions for a gorgeous, sleek hairstyle. In this tutorial, you will learn how to style short hair.

13. Beautiful bob with stacked V-shaped layers



For decades, bobs have traditionally been styled with the ends bent inward. To achieve this style, heat a hair straightening iron to about 300-350° Fahrenheit. Then lightly press the hair, starting at the roots or mid-head, depending on your hair type. Once you reach the ends, begin to gently rotate the iron from vertical to horizontal to create the desired curve.

14. Blonde with layered bob with collarbones haircut



Layered bob haircuts with balayage coloring are especially trendy right now. For those who love the chicness of a bob but don’t want to lose length, opt for a tapered bob haircut with collarbones and you won’t be disappointed!

15. Medium length shaggy bob with fine highlights



The “medium shag” hairstyle, designed to be worn casually, is styled at different lengths and then fluffed throughout. This style makes the curls more lush but thin at the ends, giving the impression of cool and carefree.

16. Short layered bob with neat edges



Precision is key when creating a short layered bob with neat edges. This retro inspired hairstyle, associated with Mary Quemant hairstyles of the sixties, was given a modern twist with highlights and ripped layers.

17. Forehead with an inverted layer of an ashy hue



The inverted long layered bob haircut looks quite unusual when compared to the classic inverted bob. It has a wedge shape but looks softer due to the length and shows less of the neck and jaw line, which is an advantage for a skinny face.

18. Short twisted golden bob with layers



An angled haircut with frizz and shorter layers can create a more interesting and voluminous style. Be sure to go for a sophisticated color, such as a light honey or a sophisticated strawberry blonde.

19. single length bob with random layers.



A length below the chin suits most face shapes. Try a side parting and throwing one section of hair behind the ear, which will emphasize and elongate the neck line, and add a few layers to make thick hair easier to maintain.

20. An inverted mussed bob for straight hair



The inverted bob shape looks elegant and 𝓈ℯ𝓍 on straight hair, especially because the nape part is lifted. By adding disheveled layers, you create a rumpled texture that, on the contrary, makes your facial features more expressive.



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